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The Banker, the Debtor and the Price to be Paid

Like the world has its currency, so does God and He is the Banker. We have all received of this bank and acquired from it a loan but we have squandered the money given to us on anything and everything other than what it was meant for.

We spent every last red cent on everything in sight. Some was put in a trust for revenge, while some was spent on that girl on the street corner. Some was entrusted to another who likewise spent it according to his own desires and left us empty handed and betrayed. Some of us took money from yet another but it soon backfired and left us with no one. Such is everyone’s state – wasted and detested.

But soon we must repay this loan and stand before the Banker. Yet how on Earth can we pay when we spent it without care? We managed it so poorly and now there’s none to spare. But now the Banker must be paid and gum balls will not do. No amount of dryer lint, feathers or wood could ever be enough to cover the amount due. What’s worse is that there’s no way to leave the bank once our bill is due. If it’s not in your pockets your just out of luck.

One by one we stand in line. One by one we speak to the Banker. He leans on the counter, papers in hand. He taps the sideboard and holds out an open hand.

“You took of Me a loan for life and now that you’ve enjoyed it, it’s time to pay it back. But the currency I gave you is all that I can accept and so I expect you pay it back in full right here on the spot,” says the Banker

Then one by one the debts are collected. One was unable to pay and beginning to panic he was taken away by the jailers because he could not cover it. Another made excuse – even had them written down and presented it to the Banker. But the Banker dismissed the parchment and away the man went. Together they were placed into jail, kicking and screaming. They pleaded with the jailers for another chance to pay. The jailers heeded not their words and persisted to put them in. The door was quickly shut and no one heard their voices anymore.

A few in the room began to shudder. Others double checked their pockets for the payment due. The Banker sadly shook his head and signaled for the next in line. He was a scraggly fellow who looked as if life had dealt him the worst. Surely he too, would be dragged away by the jailers to that horrible place.

Once more the Banker asked His due. The man searched not his pockets, but humbly shook his head.

“This debt I cannot pay for I spent terribly what I was given,” he began, “I wasted it all on frivolous things and filthy desires. I used others with it and allowed the same to happen to me. I became so careless with it that I sought to destroy it, hoping the debt to be completely forgotten if I did.

“Then I met a Man who said He knew You and knew about the debt I owed. He said He could help resolve it if I followed Him and did as He said. Otherwise He told me the price would be equaled only by my own life. He said I too would be taken by he jailers to the jail that only opens to accept, but never to release if I did not have His help. Seeing no other alternative I took Him up on His offer and followed Him about.

“I did my best to follow Him. I really did, but here and there I fell back to that old, horrid life. Still He did not give up on me. He pulled me out, corrected me and sent me on my way to do what He had said. He promised me my debt He would pay when my time was through and now here I stand before you with only gratitude to Him who helped me with the mess I made with the loan given to me.”

Then out of nowhere, beside the man appeared another. The Banker looked up and gave a pleasant smile.

“This man speaks the truth,” answered the Man dressed in fine attire, “I have been gathering up the rest of those whom owe debts to You and have asked Me for My help and done what I have asked. Now here I am to declare this man’s debt as My own which I have paid in full.”

The Banker smiled and opened a door to a room which only the free of debt were allowed to enter. “Welcome and come in,” He said to the scruffy man whose debt was now marked as paid.

So in went the man now free from all life’s troubles thanks to the payment of his Friend. But strangely enough we could not help but notice this other Man had not paid the debt in cash. Nor did He try to barter with good deeds of the past as others had tried. He simply only lifted up His hands to show the nail holes that had covered up the poor man’s debt.

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In Mosul, ISIS militants marked with a spray-painted ن (the Arabic letter for “N”) all Christian property to be seized after the ultimatum. “N”, or ن​, is the first letter of the Arabic word for Christian, “Nasrani” or Nazarene. #pray4thepersecuted

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