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For All Us Know-It-Alls

Recently I’ve begun tutoring one of the girls from a class I teach on Wednesday nights at my church. She just learned how to be a Christian not long after moving here and has a growing curiosity toward Christianity and the Bible. Thus, she had asked me to help.

“Hmm,” I thought at the time, “God sure has a way of keeping me on my toes now.”

Our first two meetings were at the local café to study. It’s usually quiet there in the evenings, so it was the best spot. Our first meeting, we went over a worksheet on their current unit in class: friendship. She was having trouble with it on her own before, so one of her fellow class mates had ‘helped’ her. That night I gave her Xerox copies of the worksheet and challenged her to work it out by reading the scriptures, asking questions, and then putting down what she just learned. In the midst of all that another young girl came over to see what we were doing.

My Star (as the class is called Stars), explained to her friend that she was doing a Bible study.

Without hesitation the other girl answered, “I already know the Bible,” and walked away.

My initial response was to laugh. The younger girl had been in a Bible centered school for most of her life and was several years younger than my student. On the other hand, My Star had just learned about Jesus shortly after moving here. I myself have only been a Christian for about twelve years and recently graduated Bible College this past spring but, I can hardly imagine knowing every page of my Bible like the back of my hand now – though I know there are people who do (and hope to do so myself). But then looking back upon Bible College one thing sticks out above the rest:

How can we fully know God (even if we do know our Bibles like yesterday’s news)?

That’s a hefty question to answer, and truth is – we can’t. We can never fully know all there is to know about God. Just when we think we do, He shows us just how little we do know. “You can never scrape the bottom of God,” one of my fellow students said at Graduation. Best of all – it’s an awesome thing.

You see with all the technology we have today you can read up on just about anything or anyone. All the information you’ll ever need to change a tire, cook a meal or put together a softball team you can Google. But you can’t Google God. Wouldn’t that be something? I think He’d short circuit the search engine long before it finished the list of results! In the least, I suppose we could say that nothing ever gets boring, but on the same token we can only stand in awe.

Think about it.

You can know your spouse or best friend very well with the amount of time you spend together. You know each others quirks, patterns, and habits. You may even be able to finish each others’ sentences. The same goes with family. They are the people you know better than anybody else and few things they do may surprise you.

But it’s not the same with God. You can read and pray and do everything you can to, but you can never reach the bottom of God. He just has so much. Yet, it’s a good thing.

Would you really want some coach training you in football when the other teams can read his plays long before they’re put to the field? Or better yet, would you want a life guard attempting help you when he was trained in plumbing instead? No way!

You see that’s the best part about God. He’s always prepared for every situation like the mom who carries everything but the kitchen sink in her purse. Nothing surprises Him. There’s not a thing in you life that is going to knock Him off His throne. He’s seen it already and He wants to take care of it. Best of all He’s big enough to handle it.

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2 comments on “For All Us Know-It-Alls

  1. johnnathanielfernando
    Aug 26, 2011

    very nice! i’m not a christian but i appreciate the message! thanks for an interesting read!

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