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Happy Birthday!

One year ago The Faithbook was launched. It began out of a variety of things: my love for writing and story telling, sharing it with others the gentle nudging of various leaders and teachers.

As I look back at the beginning…my have things changed!

When The Faithbook got its start, I was a senior in Bible College and had walked through much during those now almost brief two years. I didn’t think I was that bad of a person, but when I messed up I tortured myself over it. Other times it took someone else to help me see how far off the deep end I had gone. I had been angry, spiteful and quite self-serving. Whether I wanted to admit it or not—my world revolved around me—and solely me.  I needed to put others before myself and learn how to really serve.

But graduation doesn’t mean you stop growing. Life goes on well afterward.

This past year has been full of growing pains, both good and bad. I had to take everything I learned in Bible College and walk it out on my own (though I’ve never been completely alone through it)—and believe me, I still have room to grow!

I live in the girls’ housing of the Bible college and have dealt with many hard and sometimes…annoying things. I’ve had to learn to deal with a group of girls much younger than me and are at the same place I once was. Giving grace and forgiving continuously has been a real test for me.

I during the summer following graduation I began teaching Stars. I have learned some teaching techniques in college but, I have also learned and develop my own in dealing with my girls. I’ve learned to recognize techniques that work and don’t (as all kids are different and therefore learn differently) and implement other forms of encouragement when they get things right as well as discipline when necessary. Even with all that, and the planning of lessons, nothing beats it when your kids tell their parents they love your class—even if they did miss snack.

I’ve also been serving in a wide variety of areas in my community from the thrift store, to cheese promos, and stage backdrops. I helped my church’s TV crew for about three out of five days with painting this year’s backdrop for our Missions Conference. I was sore afterwards, and yes, it’s taken me a bit to lift a brush again, but after hearing how some of the missionaries had been impacted by it, the work was made so much more worth it. A sore arm couldn’t compare to the impact of the finished piece once it was on stage. The same could go for cheese promos and the thrift store.

Added to that…is well…new relationships—and not just with the girls in the house.

Recently I’ve begun courting a long time friend of mine whose family has become very much become like my own. Being as independent as I can be, it’s a whole new thing, for me…and well…both of us! Scheduling is unique and we’re learning to communicate in a much different way than we have before amid the pressure of other courting couples around us. On the up side, his brother and sister-in-law with their baby girl have moved up which adds to the fun. Still we both agree, we’re going to enjoy this time and let God do what He does best. It’s been a blessed few months so far and I’m looking forward to more.

There’s still quite a bit ahead with vinyl orders, newsletters, teaching and dates, but enough about me. What has changed for you in the past year? How have you grown?And what are you looking forward to?

Copyright The Faithbook 2012


2 comments on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Eva Castillo
    Mar 17, 2012

    wow you have been busy since you first started this faithbook. well mija, I wish i could write like you and I will one day, since I started going to college I have been doing a lot of essay writing and at first it was all confusing with the different styles of writing essays (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) and then finding out about having to cite your resources. I was like “what is citing and what does plaigerism mean?” So I quickly get my dictionary out and l also start googling. I am really grateful to all the help I can get through our college library because I would of really been lost and confused. Writing is something I did only in my journals and I was mainly talking to the Lord God almighty. I did not have to be concerned with a style to tell him my feelings, pains, joys, regrets, etc. So as a writer you can probably imagine how chaotic my journals probably look. One day I plan to turn them into a book. well not sure if this is what you wanted to hear from me. I am very proud of all you are doing in Missouri, especially how you are serving the Lord with your gift of drawing and also teaching.

    • The FaithBook
      Mar 19, 2012

      Thanks lady:)
      It’s always good to hear and encouraging word from you, even in this. I’ll have to admit you’ve helped me a lot in this—even in my writing. And who knows, perhaps college is preparing you for writing something. THAT I really believe. Maybe it is a book from all those journals and how god has worked in your life. Or maybe you’ll be the next Beth Myers with devotional books for people who have gone through the same things. You’re a good teacher and you’ve taught me a lot, but you’ve never been afraid to seek God on any of it. for that I thank you. Thank you for all you have done over the years even though we’re in two different states now. Love you much—La Weda!

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