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All About Love


I don’t know about you but, love is quite a difficult thing to master. The odd thing about that is I don’t think we really fully understand it. I know I don’t. I’m still learning.

We are told things like “God is love” but it isn’t long before the question is raised “If God is such a loving God, why does such and such happen or why does He have to ‘punish’ for things like sin?” Where do the two meet? Or even more so why do we see people suffering, and how should we be love?

The word itself is used so liberally today, often with little to no meaning behind it.

I love burritos” might be equated with “I love my wife/husband.” While the two are not the same we often use the same word ‘love‘ to fill in the space. We don’t mean to, but it happens.

Others of us might see the word ‘love‘ and be repelled by it. Perhaps those who said they ‘loved‘ you hurt you the worst. Maybe it was a spouse, a friend, sibling or parent. Perhaps those who said they loved you did the most damage to your life.

What we really need is a better look at what love really is—past the pretty bows and ribbons. Past the hurts and heartaches. They were never what God intended. Perhaps if we could grasp for but a moment of what God means by this ‘love’ then we would better understand it.

Craig Bubeck wrote an article for Internet Monk entitled “But” Out of God’s Love. He investigates the scriptures to see what God says specifically.

Craig says:

The more I realize it is all about love, the more I grow in authentic faith, putting away childish rationalizations and hyperboles of justice, wrath, guilt, and fear. There is no counterpoint or equal in God’s economy to love. Everything that is truth comes down to love and is measured by it—everything! There is not a single piece of Scripture that should be understood without the context of God’s love.

“It should sadden us deeply that we evangelicals can be so prone to distrust love—to always be responding (in effect), “Well yes, love; but . . .”

“If Christianity is not all about love, it is nothing other than one more impotently human religious construct—a loud and annoyingly clanging cymbal. For grown-up Christian thinking, there can be no alternative. There is no “but” to God’s love.”

I encourage you to please take the time to read and see through this man’s eyes a tiny glimpse of what love is really suppose to be at:

My prayer is that we all grow in love the way God intended. Amen.

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