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My Journey Home

This week I’m sharing a new testimony  from my husband, Charles Martinez, who chose to write his as story. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you again for reading. 

Hello my name is Charles, I was asked once in a class I took to make a map of my own spiritual journey. Well these days my memory is not what it once was and so I can’t really say where my map would start; I can tell you how I got to where I am now. But my journey or map starts off with me not really going anywhere…

…I can only remember being picked up by this gust of wind—to be honest all I ever remember is there just being wind. I was and have always have been caught up in it. I was just drifting in it not really going any where just lost in it. Lost in myself just drifting never stopping long enough to plant myself anywhere…but one day it changed.

The wind…it pushed me to a place I had never seen before. I wanted to be there more than anything; I even tried somehow to move myself there. All of a sudden The wind stopped. I grabbed on and when the wind picked back up I held on with all that I could. Here is where I wanted to be and finally the wind was gone.

I was out and this place is beautiful.

There I was in this field. The ground was warm as if the sun had been warming up that spot just for me. The field looked as if it had been tilled just minitues ago. The sky above was blue with little clouds—just enough to offer shade. I could feel that water was near.

I loved this place I would now call it home.

But as I began to root myself a man came in to my view. I could not make out all the details on his face but I did see what was in his hands—it looked like wood…two boards of wood that had been bound together across each other.

And he began to dig a hole in the ground near the edge of this field then he set this “cross” in the hole and there it stood…

There the cross stood and the man that set it up—he placed himself on it.

What was he doing? Why would he do that?

Then I saw above him what looked like a crown but what made up the crown were thorns and they punctured deep in his head so that blood slowly trickled down from his head and into his eyes. It looked as if he was crying tears of blood. Then I saw on both of his arms that a very large nail or spike had been driving through his forearms, and another throw his feet.Oh the blood that now was pouring from this man was beginning to form puddles beneath him. The puddles began to leak into the field.

I could no longer bare it.

I shouted out to him “Why are you doing this! You put this cross here then you put yourself on it, remove yourself from it.”

He looked me right in the eyes and he whispered “I have to do this…if I don’t all you will have is this—nothing more.”

“What is ‘this’ that you are talking about?”

He whimpered and said, “This field is all you have and will ever have if I don’t give everything I have for you and the ones that will follow you. You see; there is a place beyond this and the fields are greater. The soil could sustain you for more than a lifetime, but I have to make it right between you and the One who made this place. You don’t know this, but your ancestors wronged Him that made this place, and you can not enter the place beyond this one till it is made right, and He loves so much more then you have ever or will ever know till you see Him. So He sent me to do this all for you out of love.

“I willing spill my blood for you. It will soke into the ground to be absorbed up by those who will have me. And with that I have to warn you:

“Do not root here if you are not up for hardship…for this field is beautiful at times. Storms come and go, those who have not deepened their roots are washed away and those who are left are staked by your greatest enemy of Him who made this place. If you let your guard down he will come and pluck you out of the ground and up rooting you; then toss you to the side.

“But these whose roots are deepening every day can not be up rooted. So heed my warning for it is better for you to not root yourself now and let the wind carry you away then you stay and be up rooted and die. Do not make what I am doing in vain.”

As His last words fell on my ears, the last drop of blood fell to the ground—then He was gone.

But what he left I could immediately feel at work deep in me. I continued to grow more and more each day till seasons had changed more then ten times.

I have grown so much after being here. I have released seeds of my own. I did doubt if they made it wherever they landed.

Oh that man I was talking about…the one who was on the cross?

I thought He was dead but one beautiful fall day he came back. He looked fine—no marks on Him.

But He was caring something.

In His hand was a basket and in it were some of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. I asked Him where did they come from.

He answered, “You.”


“From you…You shed these seeds and they found a field and they grew to become these beautiful flowers. I am taking them with me to the field I spoke of some time ago so I can prepare a place for you and then He was gone.

I can’t wait to get there but for now, I am just loving were I am. Storms come but they are no problem and that enemy wants nothing to do with me any more because I soaked in the blood and now nothing can touch me.

The Faithbook 2012
Photo and story courtesy of Charles Martinez

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2 comments on “My Journey Home

  1. Eva Castillo
    Jun 17, 2012

    It was beautiful, I had tears reading the last part. I love it.

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