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What Does it Mean to Surrender?


In Christian circles you might often hear the term “surrender“. If you’re not a Christian, I’ll admit it might sound a bit strange. Some might see the word as giving up to the police or maybe countries surrendering in the midst of a war.

The dictionary defines it this way:

“To yield (something) to the possession or power of another; deliver up on demand.  To give up oneself as to the police, and influence, course or emotion. To abandon, relinquish a comfort or hope, or to yield or resign as in an office or privilege in favor of another.


If you’ve ever walked into a church you might see people with their hands raised, you you may hear it in definition of giving up parts of your life for Christ. Perhaps it’s giving up a job you’ve really wanted but is conflicting with something else God is wanting you to do. Or maybe its something as simple as ‘surrendering‘ time off to get a job done?

Either way “surrender” is giving up something to the benefit of something or someone else other than yourself.

When I first became a Christian I learned the term in reference to me giving up living my life the way I wanted to in order to live my life the way God had designed it to be. This means that I had to give up some things.

I didn’t drink or smoke so it wasn’t that. I didn’t do a lot of major things, but I did—and sometimes still do—have attitudes and thoughts that aren’t right and thus I say or do stuff I regret later. These I have to give up.

Margaret Feinburg, a speaker at leading American Christian conferences says:

“True surrender is a posture of living and relationship with God where we are ready to hand over everything to him. Even in the smallest moments of writing an encouraging card or giving to a favorite organization, we can be surrendering to God.

I pray that I become the type of follower of Jesus who responds immediately to God’s little nudges to surrender and serve without hesitation.”

Now how God deals with each of us in this is different, culturally, globally, and individually is all uniquely different. Sometimes its as simple as giving a stranger at the bus stop for a ride. It might even be going and checking up on a relative when you would much rather be doing other things like curling up on the couch with a good book or out playing basketball with your friends.

Other times its with God directly. For me it was, and still is,  giving up my fears; giving up how I react to certain things as well. I’m still in a learning curve there.

Nevertheless this is surrender: giving up our lives to God—even a little bit at a time. Its a way of building a relationship with Him.

You might be wondering, “But what if He asks me to give up something that’s not bad at all? Or something I really do need right now?”

It’s not always easy—and quiet often it not. But don’t fret. He has something better in mind.

What is He asking you to surrender today?

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