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From Hate to Love


This week’s story of redemption comes from another fellow blogger and close friend of mine, Jen. It took a little nudging to get her words to paper but here it is. Enjoy!

My birthmother passed away from cancer when I was a child.

For whatever reason, that made me angry, probably because I didn’t grieve properly. Either way, I became more and more out of control, and this was not helped by my extended family, who wanted to give everything to their deceased daughter’s only child―making me not only angry but spoiled, too.

When I was nine years old, my dad remarried to a truly wonderful woman. But, at the time, I refused to see it. I chose instead to vent my anger on my new stepmom and stepbrother, causing a huge rift between myself and the family that loved me. They tried everything, from counselors and psychiatrists to behavioral centers and summer camps.

Nothing would work, because as soon as things started to change, I would realize it and regress again.

Finally, after much prayer and one major difficult decision, my parents chose to send me to another behavioral program in an intentional Christian community. I’d always thought that I was saved, but learned quickly that I actually wasn’t, and my actions had proved that.

It was here that I found Christ for real for the first time in my life, and under His guidance and the program’s structure, my life began to change.

He took away the anger, lies, deception, and manipulation, and replaced them with His love and truth. Where I once only hated my family, I now love them more than I ever thought possible. And the more time I spend with them, the more I get to know them for the amazing people they are.

My relationship with both my parents and my brother is being continually restored.

Whenever I tell people a little bit of the person I used to be, I hear so many comments that they could never see me like that. For this, I can only thank God and His transformation power. It was nothing that I could do on my own, and not even something that a program structure could accomplish.

It could only be God’s work in my life, and my choice to submit to Him. Praise God!

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