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Immaturity or Politics?


Here it is that lovely time of year as politicians prepare for the last leg of presidential elections here in the USA. It only rolls around once every four years and every man tries to make the most of getting every vote—we hope.

Currently there are two men in the lead:

Obama, our current president, who is up for reelection and Romney, business man and politician.

I’ll admit I haven’t been keeping minute to minute tabs on these guys but every time I see their names in the news I ask, “Really?”

I suppose there’s just something about election time that draws out the worst in people—at least in those campaigning.

There’s Obama who’s stepped outside the box of every president before him and raising eyebrows everywhere. He began his original campaign with the words “hope” and “change” which captured quite a few votes alone.

Change we’ve seen but hope i’m not sure. (Well I suppose it’s all in what you put your hope in.) At the beginning of his presidency, Obama put a halt to most, if not all, of his predecessor’s policies. He soon began to push full force with his Obama care plan and a few other seemingly socialist like policies. (Now giving the man is an activist at heart, he’s been able to push things even with a the political/religious uproar —like the HHS Mandate and gay marriage.)

He’s got a gift for persuading the masses, but he’s also a bit of a questionable guy.

Many have questioned his birth roots as you must be US born to take presidential office. People have also questioned his beliefs after he admitted America to being a non-Christian nation (though more than half of the world’s nations still hold us to be so). Some have even gone so far as to nit-pick his apparent smoking habit. Of the most absurd I’ve have seen so far is that he’s the first president—in my lifetime—that I have seen get very visibly upset in a press conference and raising his voice.

Romney is quite another character. (I know what you’re thinking—”she’s going to side with him”. Just hold on a minute.)

While Obama represents the middle class working American, Romney represents the entrepreneur gone big business. In other words, he’s viewed as the high class guy with a wallet to make us ordinary workers look down right poor—something he’s been scrutinized about from the beginning as well. While he might have big pockets, he’s apparently got the business skills to do so—something our country was built on—entrepreneurship and free enterprise (business).

On the Other hand Romney is a bit questionable as well.

He too, has had his religious beliefs questioned as he has declared himself Mormon. (Which isn’t Christian but is considered heretical/false “Christian” religion as they believe to follow Jesus—like Christians—but also the teachings of another man—Joseph Smith.) While this has not been a major issue other things have. One in particular has been the alleged exporting of a portion of his business over seas, costing a large number of American jobs in a time when America’s job market is already tight and recession still hangs overhead.

Yet anger, too, seems to be the greater issue in more recent cases of “mud slinging” between the two candidates.

It’s not hard to find. Just Google some of their campaign ads.

Romney is upset about accusations Obama has plastered in his ads while running his own.


I believe so.

Frankly I’d like to see an election that doesn’t end in throwing dirt back an forth. In the end you’ve got one big mess and left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

At this rate let’s hose things down and we could really have a mud fight.

Both candidates have their dirt—some out in the open and the rest swept under the rug—or so they think till they think to dig out some more.

The purpose of an election is to see who/what the people want in terms of issues like medical care, social reform and business. It was never intended to be a popularity contest, let alone an all out fight to the finish between a couple of men acting like kindergardeners. The two often remind me of my Stars girls when one is tattle tailing on the other while the previous is doing something wrong herself.

Grow up and man up!

This isn’t the place to make a fool of yourself or the other person. You are an example to the people that you lead! This is not high school voting on class president anymore kids.

It’s deciding on a man, or woman, who will lead and represent our country.

Choose wisely.

In the Bible we see the words of the Apostle Paul to a young man named Timothy who apparently had an important job in the church. Paul wrote two letters to this young man advising him in the ways and manners in which he was to conduct himself and how he was to lead the people around him.

Paul says at one point:

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 

—1 Timothy 4: 12

Timothy was a young man in charge of people. What he did, they saw. They could choose to follow or leave, but he was the responsible party in terms of leadership. As a leader, he couldn’t afford to act like a fool.

Timothy lived at a time when Jews and Romans alike persecuted Christians for their beliefs. Despite the persecution, however, Christianity kept growing. A growing group of people needs leaders and teachers to help keep them on the right track like sergeants in the military or teachers in a class room. These leaders have a high responsibility for the people they care for.

According to Paul they should (parentheses added):

Be diligent in these matters (preaching and teaching); give yourself wholly to them (those being lead), so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and your doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

—1 Timothy 4: 15-16

I think Obama and Romney could both learn a few things from this.

Running for president isn’t a pageantry of who’s better than who or who has the bigger ideas.

It is about selecting a person to lead a people with the same ideals, not for the leader’s sake but for the people’s sake.

A teacher doesn’t teach because it’s good for them, but rather it’s good for their students. A sergeant doesn’t lead soldiers for their own health, but for the safety and welfare of the people.

Likewise, we as leaders should “man up” for the sake of those around us, not to be as show-offs bragging, “Look what I can do!

To Romney and Obama both I say, “Man up and quit acting like children. How you act reflects those who follow you and I personally don’t want a president, no matter what religion or race who runs around acting like a kid playing in the mud. This nation needs a leader for president not a kindergartner.”

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2 comments on “Immaturity or Politics?

  1. saoirse7freedom
    Aug 10, 2012

    Good thoughts!

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