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On That Day…9/11


It was suppose to be like any other day.
Ate breakfast, got dressed, and piled in the car off to school.

The radio that morning buzzed with confusing reports.
Something about New York…the buildings…and a fire.


It made no sense.

We listened all the way to school trying to sort things out.
Still nothing.
Only garbled conversation.

It was not until the bell rang and everyone piled into the classroom that we knew what had happened.

The TV mounted high on the wall sat stationary on the news as images filled the screen.

Suddenly the buildings on fire made sense.
It was the towers.
Something—a plane had crashed into one.
Puffs of smoke wafted upward from its mark.

We looked on helplessly as another did the same.

We stared wide-eyed at the screen.
What was going on?
Who would do this?

Perhaps the first had been a horrid mistake we thought, but now watching the second others came to mind.

Class periods changed, but no work had been done.
All eyes remained frozen on the TV screens in every classroom.
Pencils remained silent as we listened to the frantic reporters.

Then it happened.

The first came down.
Gasps filled the room.

We had just been listening to the talk of emergency exits, ambulances that awaited victims and the panic on the ground below.

But now the building crashed.
It came down with the loudest sound; our eyes tracking every second.
The sound of screams filled our heads.

Yet before the dust had cleared the second fell as well.

We sat with panic knocking on our hearts.

These were not the only planes.
Others had crashed as well.
Who would be next?

Still we watched the image on the screen as though frozen in time.
The screams and shouts ringing in our ears became too much.

Shake your head.
Perhaps it was a dream.

But it was not.

Over two thousand lives were lost that day.

Friends and mothers.
Fathers and siblings.
Officers and workers.

They too, went to work that day like any other day.
But it was not any other day.

In memory of the victims and families of 9/11.

The Faithbook 2012
Photo courtesy of USAToday

7 comments on “On That Day…9/11

  1. saoirse7freedom
    Sep 12, 2012

    Where is the “love” button? This is amazing! Thank you for posting this! I don’t know anyone who does not remember where they were that day.

    • The FaithBook
      Sep 12, 2012

      Thank you and thank you!

      Yes it’s day forever etched in our minds, just as D-Day was burned into the memory of the generation of the day. September 11th, like many tragedies, will be stamped on our hearts and minds more vividly than some of our favorite memories. Tragedies like this stay there—like a permanent reminder that we are human. We are weak on our own, but we are far from forgotten. Those who passed away that day are far from forgotten—not just by us but by God himself. He wept for a creation destroying itself in His name.

      What’s more is that it doesn’t surprise Him, or knock him off His throne. God is still God at the end of the day and it’s through Him alone that we get through things like this, both as individuals and a nation.

      Oh, how we must turn back to Him!

      • saoirse7freedom
        Sep 12, 2012

        So true. We should never forget what happened that day, and we should never forget that we are nothing apart from Him. Sadly, the return to the churches after that day lasted about three months. What will it take for America to remember her Founder? It’s a scary thought.

      • The FaithBook
        Sep 13, 2012

        Very much so. Sadly enough, the current state of the church does not look much better. The Church is seen as a flop, or an insignificant portion of society or at best a institution to remind us of ‘morality‘. It’s so much more than morality. It’s so much more than passing the blame and finding a place to hide from the trouble until it subsides.

        It’s about God calling His people.

        “O Jerusalem (America), Jerusalem (America), you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.”
        —Matthew 23:37

  2. saoirse7freedom
    Sep 13, 2012

    That is a heart-wrenching verse, definitely. “Not willing” is what kills me. I know that if the church stood up and was the body of Christ that we are called to be, then this world would be a radically different place. But I suppose we will have to wait until heaven for “utopia,” because it sure isn’t anywhere here on earth.

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