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The Horrors of Abortion

*Video contains graphic images of the Gosnell case and is not recommended for children. Please be advised. 

Abortion has become a fairly common tern in the news lately as far as Planned Parenthood and other such abortion supporters. However, one name is starting to catch media attention and not the friendly kind either.

His name is Kermit Gosnell. An abortion doctor, currently in the midst of trial for eight counts of murder after two women and several infants were killed in his run-down clinic at 3801 Lancaster.

Though his clinic had been discovered to be in such horrible conditions it was never very slow and apparently very profitable as the poor and minorities flocked to his office in help.

Planned Parenthood and other abortionists group are using the case as a call for easier access to abortions for young women – including underage  teens – without permission from a parent. They’re claiming desperation drives these women to places like this in which they risk their lives to rid themselves of something modern society deems as a problem.

Go ahead do what you want, just don’t get pregnant. But if you do we have a cure for that.”

This is what society is teaching and passing on to our next generations – those whose parents have not decided to abort that is.

Pregnancy is a scary thing. Period. Even more so when life circumstances lead to one out of wedlock, rape, promiscuity,abuse, etc. It’s in these situations that women turn to abortion clinics. They fear raising a child they didn’t want or don’t think they can provide for, or have even been bullied into it and so the simple solution, as it has been painted, is to turn to abortion.

It’s done in a moment, but the pain and burden of it gets carried around for life. This is the part abortionists won’t tell you. If we truly understood the value of life even in an infant, we wouldn’t be so hasty to end it. But if we devalue that life it’s easier to eradicate it and not feel so guilty about it later.

In the end we deceive ourselves.

Then a few days later or years later as these women in the Gosnell video show us the grief rises up. It becomes a burden.

It doesn’t matter if it was done in Gosnell’s filthy office with substandard medical practice he offered or in the highest of ranking hospitals in the nation.

There’s a horror to abortion we can’t comprehend – not at the moment anyway.

It shows up when all is said and done and slaps a woman in the face and rubs her nose in the mud and mire circumstances have caused.

Abortionists say its an easy way to clean up the mess when in reality we’re opening an even bigger can of worms. But they don’t want us to think about that. It’s all for the moment. “Do what feels good for now. We’ll clean up the mess later.”

All you’ve really done is swept it all under a rug only to trip on it in the middle of the night.

There’s  horror to abortion. A pain not seen or reflected accurately in the media. Free abortions? Sure. It’s no skin off their teeth. But what about the women who have to endure the pain of the burden afterwards? It’s not often we hear their stories. Their cries get muffled under the still louder screams of groups like Planned Parenthood.  We’ve yet to see the pain of the women involved. This is the horror of abortion.

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Video by 3801Lancaster on For more information on this on going  documentary please visit their site at Also visit their blog for stories from Gosnell’s patients or tell your own


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