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Dear Mr. President


I must admit I’m right upset

With your political antics and selfish mindset.

Five years ago the people voted you in

To try and turn around the turmoil in which we had been.


You promised them hope

Instead you gave us a slippery slope.

Down it our nation would slide

And over it’s fall you would preside.

You promised change

Yet if feels more like you sent us to the firing range.


Before the rise of the evening star

You would show us just how you are.


Let’s pass the blame of our condition

Upon the man who once stood in your position.

It’s his fault after all

That we’re left with this mess for the long, long haul.

You said he left us broke and in debt

In a very real game of Russian Roulette.


Time and time again you pointed out the issues

But only offered us your tissues.


On a new path you would set us

Little did the people know how much they would trust.

Representing a country both loved and hated by many

You bowed down to the other kings for a blessing.

For our nation you profusely apologized

And in the eyes of others had our reputation disqualified.


But soon began the tantrum

As you would later hold us ransom.


Like a child you stewed

For the things you had brewed.

With all the problems you could address

You solutions we cannot ingest.

They are as poison

To only leave us broken.


Down the path of Socialism you want to lead

To continue this trend of greed.

Taking from the rich and giving to the poor

Is the anthem to which you have swore.

Everybody is equal no matter how lazy

Perhaps we’d get more care had we all been crazy.


Unfortunately it may be a little late

For your ego to deflate.


You were voted in by the people

A choice that has begun to show feeble.

We see there’s no hope or change

Only a dignity exchange.

Followed by threats for disobedience

For our supposed defiance.


Sadly you remind me of a child

Who didn’t get things his way and went wild.


The parks you shut down

To make us pipe down.

You spend more money to keep our veterans out

So we can hear you shout.

You have begun to show the hands of a tyrant

The truth is now more apparent.


Lets raise the debt

so you can keep a corvette.

Lets make up a health care plan by which everyone has to abide

But to it have your officials untied.

Let’s have you and your friends keep fat pockets

While the rest of us have empty closets.


Your doctrine of greed

Will have our nation fried.


And in the shadows you prepare our enemies

To make us no more than other third world countries.

Here you go with your equality again

It’s such a destructive campaign.

To distract us you create a string of conspiracy

With still more blame-shifting immaturity.


Right is wrong

And wrong is right has been your song.


Those who don’t support you are the haters

Because they’re not in your favor.

Then you go to name calling

Those who don’t follow you with whole hearted longing.

We are not mindless,

Nor are we spineless.


You attempted to force the hand of the people

As though we were only beetles.


Mr. President the jig is up.

I will not drink from your cup.

This deceit I will not ingest

I’ve seen what’s in that medicine chest!

It’s nothing new we need

And from your lies I will recede.


The greed and tyranny needs to cease

For with your spending our debt has become obese.

What we need is to clean out the corruption

Not your temper’s eruption.

You Mr. President should be a man

And quit putting everyone but yourself in the frying pan.


There are rights to be made

Now stop this charade.


Give us back our faith you have traded

Leaving us as a people jaded.

Quit putting burdening government regulations

On our future generations.

Give us our country back

Without all the smack.


Cease all your fit throwing

It doesn’t leave your reputation the least bit glowing.


Humble yourself and be the president you should be

And perhaps we can pick up our nation from the debris.

Let go of your pride

And no longer misguide.

Lead us by truth

Instead of trying to please everyone’s sweet tooth.


There’s no time for a war with pointless goals

When you’ve been trying to shoot our constitution full of holes.


Put marriage back where it belongs

Not in the hands of the redefining throngs.

Let girls be girls

With all their pearls.

And boys be boys

With all their noise.


Stop redefining what God has laid out

And try to get what He is truly all about.


Then perhaps it will not be too late

To give our country a clean slate.

Give her back her dignity and rights

And put some godliness back in her sights.

Quit trying to unravel her might

And we just may make it through the night.

—Aundria Martinez

Copyright The Faithbook 2013
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One comment on “Dear Mr. President

  1. Johann
    Oct 16, 2013

    Very well said, Aundria! I am so proud of you! Let us pray for a mighty revival and repentance within the church. Too many Christians sadly feed those who wish their demise by watching the filth they produce… The only hope for America is for the church to become salt and light…

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