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A Reason to be Thankful


It’s that time of year again.



Probably one of the most over looked holidays, because no sooner does the day arrive and our bellies are full, it gives way to “Black Friday sales” and Christmas music. From there on it’s all about reindeer, snowmen, and ever so jolly Santas.

Break out the lights if you haven’t already. Get the tinsel up on the tree. Pull out the stockings to be hung with care —

But lets rewind for a second.

Christmas isn’t here yet.

It’s time for Thanksgiving.

Children dress like pilgrims, hand print turkey’s hang on the fridge, and us adults have the chore of prepping food for guests, or wondering just whose house we’re going to go eat at so we don’t have to.

I myself have a list of things needing to be done before the day: cleaning, decorating, and planning out when we’re cooking what from the menu. It’s our second Thanksgiving married, but our first here in our new home. It’s the first Thanksgiving for our nearly six month old daughter Charlize. It’s also the first we get to spend with our close friends.

Last years kind of went on by, but this year is different.

Yet in the midst of everything the message of the day is still the same:

Thanksgiving=giving thanks.

We usually hear the question posed at least once around this time of year:

What are you thankful for?

In history class as kids we learned about how people used the day to give thanks for the season’s harvest before winter set in. We were thankful for all the snacks we got to eat at school the day before and really thankful for the weekend off that was soon to follow.

Then there was food, visiting, and a much needed nap after eating all those sweets.

At least that’s how I remember it.

Being so far from home in bible college I would hang out at a friend’s house for the weekend and spend time with their family. One year I actually got to go home and celebrate with family.

This year it’s with our own little family.

The husband, the baby, and me.

And of course our growing list of friends.

All of which i’m thankful for even if I sometimes don’t act it.

Or forget in the heat of a rushed moment. Then I have to remind myself if my husband doesn’t beat me to it first.

Either way, we have a lot to be thankful for. If not for things and people, then for the very breath in our lungs.

I know for some the holidays are a rough time of harsh realities, bad memories, or counting great losses. Just this week a woman just outside our community lost her daughter. There’s no doubt this thanksgiving will be a hard one for her.

And there are more just like her.

They’re out across the ocean. They’re across the country. Across the state even, but most importantly right in our own communities. Often they’re just right next door.

What are we doing for them?

If we have something to be thankful for what are we doing for someone else that they could be thankful for?

It doesn’t have to be much.

It could be a simple as an invite for dinner. A gift of things much needed or work around the house needing done.

My first thanksgiving away from home a dear family opened their doors for me so I would not be spending the day in an empty house. I was really thankful for that. It certainly beat my other option.

This year we have the chance to do the same.

What are you going to do?

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