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The Pain of Abortion: Fear and Loss


So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.

—Genesis 1:27

Abortion is probably the single most scary thing—I believe—for a woman—or parent to face. It’s done in a moment, but the effects last a lifetime. Suddenly there’s one less person in the world. But there’s also a would-be-parent with much regret. Sometimes the pain is buried to come up later. Other times the burden is bore from that time on. I’ve read many such stories, one I share with you today. 

Every situation is different, but it hurts none the less. 

Let us never forget the value of human life—both for the child lost and the parent(s) who lack. Both are of value beyond what we could think and deeply loved by the Lord above. It grieves Him too, to see the loss of His creation and for the grief of those who bear it.  

Let’s not allow modern politics to drown out their voices. They speak a painful truth the media has yet to tell…

I was 17 the first time I got pregnant. I was so scared. I went to my mom’s friend, and she said, “Well, you definitely don’t want to tell your mom because your parents have such big dreams for you.” So she took me to a clinic.

I remember it being cold. No one really spoke or looked anyone else in the eye. I blocked it out of my mind for years after I left there.

Later, I worked for a really good company, lived in a perfect neighborhood, and made a lot of money. Everyone thought I had the perfect relationship too. But I didn’t. He abused me. He told me if I didn’t get abortions, he would leave me. I never stood up for myself. In the end I had seven abortions.

It all came back to me one day when I was at the grocery store. I saw a woman with a little girl—this girl was like an angel. When I looked at her, she stared back at me like she knew exactly what I’d done. I started having flashbacks as I thought about how she could have been my little girl. I finally realized the empty feeling I’d been living with all those years.

I drove to my parents’ house, sat them down, and told them what I had done. My dad asked, “Did you ever think to talk to us before you did these things?”

I said, “No. I didn’t want you to be disappointed.”

He said, “I’m disappointed I don’t have a grandson.”

Today, I have been forgiven, but the pain will never go away. I volunteer for pro-life organizations so I can share my story with the hope that it will save a child’s life.

Your abortion story could save a life. Share it at

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Story and image curtesy of Online for Life on and

Online for Life, an Texas-based organization, rescues babies and families from abortion by connecting abortion-minded women and men to local, life-affirming centers using compassion and technology. The at-risk family receives grace, factual information, and an ultrasound.

Their Mission: To save unborn babies from abortion by connecting women and men in crisis pregnancy situations with compassionate, loving, truthful, local help.

Online for Life is saving babies from abortion – one family at a time. Though the pro-life movement is active in various government and judicial arenas, OFL focuses on each family, each mom, each dad in communities across America and seeks to help provide a continuum of care where appropriate.

To learn more about Online for Life, please visit their site at


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