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The Pain of Abortion: The Void


Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy?Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good and delight yourselves in rich food.

—Isaiah 55:2

Often time we fool Ourselves into thinking “if I just had this” or “if I just had that” we’d be okay. We do with with material possessions about as much as we do with people and relationships. We’re all looking to “fill the void” we so often feel, but we’re never going to find it in ourselves and other people. doing so only leads to heartache and looking for the next big thing we hope might fill it. 

One such story I share with you today.

She thought a relationship could heal her void but it only left her hurt and empty. 

Let us never forget the value of human life—both for the child lost and the parent(s) who lack. Both are of value beyond what we could think and deeply loved by the Lord above. It grieves Him too, to see the loss of His creation and for the grief of those who bear it.  

Let’s not trick ourselves into thinking we can fill the void or that the “quick solution” of abortion can fix it. It only makes the hole that much deeper to fill. A hole only a Savior can fill…

You have to understand that my dad was abusive and absent, which left a void in my life. So I tried to fill that void with bad relationships.

I met a man who told me he would stay with me and take care of me if I would get an abortion. I remember going to the clinic with him, thinking I was going to receive counseling from someone.

When I got there, the nurses barely looked me in the eye. They took me back to one of the rooms and laid me down. When they started the procedure, I tried to sit up; but they held me down and told me, “It’s too late.”

When it was over, I felt worthless.

I named her Rebecca Marie. Today, she would be 29 years old.

Your abortion story could save a life. Share it at

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Story and image curtesy of Online for Life on and

Online for Life, an Texas-based organization, rescues babies and families from abortion by connecting abortion-minded women and men to local, life-affirming centers using compassion and technology. The at-risk family receives grace, factual information, and an ultrasound.

Their Mission: To save unborn babies from abortion by connecting women and men in crisis pregnancy situations with compassionate, loving, truthful, local help.

Online for Life is saving babies from abortion – one family at a time. Though the pro-life movement is active in various government and judicial arenas, OFL focuses on each family, each mom, each dad in communities across America and seeks to help provide a continuum of care where appropriate.

To learn more about Online for Life, please visit their site at


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