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Right Relationships & Recommended Reading


What is love?

That’s a big question.

Even bigger is what do I mean by a “right relationship“?

I’ve only been married for a little over a year to my husband and father of one and a half so I wouldn’t think I would have much to attribute to this. Not yet anyway.

Lately however this concept has come up time and time again as I deal with people who are learning what it means to have good or right relationships with people after a lifetime of failed ones. Recently this topic has come up much in particular with one of my discipleship girls.

She come from a broken home—or once broken as her parents are divorced but both are trying to find their way back to God, though separately. She would love to see what a good relationship or even a marriage would be, but as we’ve been discussing marriage isn’t the only kind of relationship and nor is it the only one in which we must learn to handle situations and people.

Movies, books, and most TV obviously give us a poor portrayal of relationships. You’re nobody unless you’re sleeping around or “in a relationship“.  Abuse, STDs, unwanted pregnancy are the norm and selfishness abounds in every relationship whether it be between siblings, friends or lovers.

But what is a “right relationship“?

A right relationship is one that puts the other person first. It is one that desires to see the other do better or grow. It is one centered rightly on God first, other second and ourself last. This applies for any relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s between family or best friends the same rules apply. Getting these Items mixed up gives us a whole lot of heartache and even more so when it’s the other person doing the hurting. Unfortunately it happens.

Joshua Harris has a very good book entitled “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” in which he approaches the delicate topic of modern dating and why he chose to “kiss it goodbye” until that special girl would come along. But he doesn’t just focus solely on dating as he also deals with our everyday relationships around us, our relationship with God and how they dramatically impact our relationship with that special person should they come around to our neck of the woods.

You can purchase it from many book sellers like or you can read it online via Excelhonour.

I read this book on my bus rides home from work out of curiosity of what this man had to say about the dating world. I had seen a lot of it at the time and though I wanted a guy, things hadn’t worked out for me to date, but then I wasn’t too worried about it at the time anyway. Its wasn’t until Bible college and my courtship with my husband that the words found here really started to strike a cord. First in college in dealing with my house mates and other college students and now on into our marriage.

But as I said right relationship starts well before marriage. It starts in your everyday, to day life.

Over the next few entries here at The Faithbook I hope to go through this book with you as well as my own life experiences and how they have come to impact me. I hope these find you well and with an open mind and heart as you read, but that you also just enjoy.


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