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The First Easter


The first Easter didn’t start out so bright.

There was no bunny, no dresses, or baskets full of brightly colored eggs.

It was a sad time.

A man just died.

He used to be a teacher, teaching the masses.

He used to be a leader, leading lost sheep who had no one to follow.

But on this day He was gone.

They…no we had killed Him.

Wrongly accused, He was brought to shame and made a mockery.

Upon His shoulders they placed a royal robe and upon his brow a crown of twisted thorns.

They beat Him and led Him down the road to a place named after death itself.


There He was nailed to a beam and hoisted up for all to see.

The guards gambled for what had been His as we steadily looked on.

Watching Him breathe His last, the world suddenly went dark.

It was as if He were the world’s only light, now snuffed out.

He died there that day for deeds He had not done, but all of our own.

And in that moment He was gone.


No more teaching.

No more healing.

No more leading.

What had we done?


In the tomb they placed Him.

The stone was sealed and guards placed all around.

He had said He would be back and there were those who feared it.

There were others who hoped for it, but many of us had our doubts.

It all looked so hopeless.


This first Easter did not have a pretty start.

There were no songs, no ribbons, or bows.

Only grief remained as morning dawned.

It was like that three days.


The something surprising happened.

We went to the tomb.

It was empty!

But where had He gone?

Who had taken Him?

A man was there so Mary begged from him His whereabouts.

There He smiled and showed who He was.

The nail holes were all we needed to see.


Fast as could be we ran to the Eleven to share the news.

But they stared back only in disbelief.

Peter and John decided to go and see and they too also found themselves at an empty tomb.


This first Easter there were no bonnets, bouquets or Sunday best.

But there was rejoicing.

He had risen!

But Thomas was still doubtful until He appeared to us again.

The hole in His side was plenty of proof.

The Man of God who had promised so much, had finally come.

Sin and the grave were now in His hands.

We were  rescued from the dead should we choose Him.


This first Easter there was grief, but only of Death’s great loss.

Our Savior had come!


Copyright The Faithbook 2012



One comment on “The First Easter

  1. saoirse7freedom
    Apr 20, 2014

    Amen! He is risen!

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