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The Gravestone: Holocaust Memorial Day Poem


The gravestone sits there doing nothing and standing still. Though we want these people to be reborn and we would try with all of our will, but that cannot be done or at least it remains to be seen. The tragic events we would love to have dodged has happened we can’t change history. All we can do is remember and be thankful of the people that lived Because if we were in their situation would we be brave enough to do what they did.

Stand and fight for their right not backing down, no never. Why can’t we remember love not war and all celebrate together. Who cares what colour or religion we are on the inside we’re all the same. Let’s hope a tragedy like this one never happens, never happens again.

Thousands of gravestones from the killings there was more than one or two. It’s more like 11 million; 6 million of them were Jews. The other 5 were just disliked; they didn’t have a clue about what they were doing wrong or what else they could do. All because people were different, didn’t believe in the same thing as you.

That still doesn’t give anybody the right to kill who they wanted to The gypsies were also punished because it was believed they practiced witchcraft. The nazis also saw them as pests so sent them to concentration camp. They were given a triangle that was black and it had the letter T, but the Jehovah’s witnesses triangle was purple and that had the letter B.

In 1933 the rule was fulfilled That their religious meetings go on no longer and then half of their population was killed. But the strange thing is most of these people felt they were just as German as any one else.

If you ask my opinion, I think the Nazis are the odd ones out.

Just think without that day how right now would have changed. Would there have been so many innocents in an early grave? Little children younger than me witness the assassination of their dad and mom, but what they also don’t understand is that their time now how has come.

Not all the soldiers want to do this, but if they do so much as moan they will join all the others in the early gravestone. None of us in our wildest dreams could know how they must have been feeling. To wake up and none of this ever really happened, you know I must have been dreaming. They had to hide, lock their selves away. To hope and pray they live one more day. How long could they go with out being found? Because if they were they be just another grave stone in the ground.

So for all the heroes who died for their right they will never be forgotten See this will always be fresh in our minds even when the gravestones are rotten.

—Matt Windle

The Faithbook 2014.
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In Mosul, ISIS militants marked with a spray-painted ن (the Arabic letter for “N”) all Christian property to be seized after the ultimatum. “N”, or ن​, is the first letter of the Arabic word for Christian, “Nasrani” or Nazarene. #pray4thepersecuted

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