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As many of you may or may not know a pregnant Christian Sudanese woman by the name of Meriam Ibrahim has been sentenced to death for her abandonment of the Islamic faith.

Meriam was born to a Christian mother and Muslim father, but was raised Christian. According to Sudan’s laws however, the religion of the father is the religion of his children. Since Meriam’s father was Muslim, according to Sudanese law, Meriam must also be Muslim.

Turning from Islam or conversion to another religion is considered apostasy and punishable by death in accordance to Muslim law.

But Meriam was never muslim to begin with. Her father left her early and was thus raised as a Christian as her mother.

Meriam has told the judge she has known no other religion other than Christianity. Sudanese law and the judge presiding her case however see otherwise.

To make matters worse, Meriam is eight months pregnant.

According to her punishment, she is to finish the pregancy, and give birth before she is to be beaten with 100 lashes and killed. Meriam is also imprisoned with her 18 month old son as well.

Her husband Daniel Wani is also fighting for her release, but Sudan does not recognize their  marriage as he is considered “non-muslim” and the law here does not allow one to marry outside the Muslim faith. According to their law this couple’s marriage is void. Daniel has also been banned from caring for his child currently with Meriam in jail because of his own Christian faith.

One can only imagine how much more difficult this makes it for this couple.

The case originally was opened in August when family of Meriam’s father accused her of being Muslim and marrying outside her faith. They as well as the judge presiding over the case call her by the Muslim name “Afdal”, of which Meriam has refused to answer to saying;

“I was never a Muslim. I was raised a Christian from the start.”

I’m asking for prayer for this precious lady and her family. I’m also urging you to please consider signing a petition started by the ACLJ pleading for this woman’s release. You can find the petition on their website here. At the time of this writing, over 89,000 have signed thus far joining as one voice for this woman’s life. 

Meriam’s sentence has been criticized world wide, including the US government calling the situation “deeply disturbed”. 

Please help stand up for this lady and her family! Don’t let her voice be silenced because of people with conflicting religions. 

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Photo curtesy of #savemeriam on Twitter. Quote from Meriam’s story on
Read more about Meriam’s Story at or at the Daily
Sign the petition for Meriam’s life at the


One comment on “#SaveMeriam

  1. Faith Mathews
    May 21, 2014

    Sending prayers for this brave woman.

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