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#SaveMeriam Update!


Some of you may or may not still be following the story of Meriam Ibrahim, a young Christian mother in Sudan who is being persecuted for her faith.

Shackled by her ankles in her cell, she had to give birth to her daughter Maya. After the child’s birth, amid much public pressure worldwide, Meriam’s husband was finally permitted to see his children.

The Sudanese government soon afterward made an announcement that they would be releasing her and her children. After which Meriam’s lawyers said they would believe it when they saw her walk out of the prison, claiming it to be a ploy of the government to cease the worldwide pressure to release her from this undue punishment.

Still Meriam remains in jail.

Her lawyers have submitted an appeal to over turn her sentence, which if not turned around could mean Meriam would be facing the first portion of her punishment, of 100 lashes, very soon.

It’s a disfiguring process and incredibly cruel as a rather graphic video posted by some of Meriam’s supporters show. The 2010 video features a woman covered in full Hijab–traditional Islamic clothing for women–being dealt the same punishment facing Meriam.

After which in two years time, Sudan law would also dictate Meriam’s death via hanging. This time being allowed for Meriam to ween young Maya, all the while she and her children would remain in jail.

Despite the global pressure, and the USA’s supposed disapproval of the situation our actual government has had little to say or intervene even if only for the sake of the children who are US Citizens thanks to their father’s US citizenship. Instead our officials are dancing around trying to trade known killers’ sentences for frivolous reasons such as yoga and reading, and a very controversial prisoner exchange for a once American citizen and solider who supposed renounced  his own citizenship and has possible questionable ties all currently under investigation.

All of it is just another distraction to attract attention away for Meriam’s plight just as Sudan’s claim to release her.

Enough with the cover ups, manipulations, and distractions!

This woman’s story still sadly continues while watching eyes are attempted to be blinded.

Still Meriam says that regardless of outcome, she will not recant–or deny her faith in Christ.

I’m asking for continued prayer for this precious lady and her family. I’m also urging you to please consider signing a petition started by the ACLJ pleading for this woman’s release. (if you have not already.) You can find the petition on their website here. At the time of this writing, over 379,000 have signed thus far joining as one voice for this woman’s life. 

Please help stand up for this lady and her family! Don’t let her voice be silenced because of people with conflicting religions.

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Sign the petition for Meriam’s life at the


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In Mosul, ISIS militants marked with a spray-painted ن (the Arabic letter for “N”) all Christian property to be seized after the ultimatum. “N”, or ن​, is the first letter of the Arabic word for Christian, “Nasrani” or Nazarene. #pray4thepersecuted

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