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America’s forgotten Christmas this year.


Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.

—Revelation 2:4

America’s forgotten Christmas this year.
It’s sad but true.

You can feel it in the air.

There’s more hatred in the news, than stories of love.
There’s more shifting blame than mentions of The Gift.

There’s shaming, than good will gleaming.

All hearts are tarnished by a prevalent propaganda.
It feeds old feelings of regret and brings out the lashing tongues.
Anger is rampant while care is found to be lacking.

Fingers run point quickly to blame.
Feet run swiftly to deliver first blood.
Property is damaged.
Hearts wounded.
Lives lost.

“Lives matter” is the battle cry that brings with it destruction, leaving hearts and property in shambles.
“Don’t shoot” is the chant to rebel and justify our crimes done through grief.
“Kill the crackers” is the demand for modern genocide.

Unknown to those who shout, and blame, riot, and murder is this season of year when they should cease.
When man takes time to remember to give.
To love.
And why he has life.

The tingling of the Christmas bells are drowned out by the outraged cries of misplaced hurt.
The visions of sugar plums are no more this year.
The tinsel and lights sparkle for no one.
Ornaments are hung, but for none who truly care.

And while America taunts herself she forgets the meaning of this time of year.
She is divided among herself.
Her have leaders divided the hearts her people.
They have encouraged strife and forgotten hope, and swept up love in the dust of their pride.
They don’t care about how they leave her black and bruised.
They have no qualms at all of what they do.

Her people have turned on her now.
They too prefer to quarrel and fight.
Forgotten, they have, this special time of year.
And thus America has forgotten Christmas this year.

Her people have tried to remove every reminder so as not to remember that they should cease.
For this is when man should take time to remember to give.
To love.
And why he has life.

Remove the nativity!
Blot out Santa!
Don’t bother giving, they never liked you anyway!
Hang on to your hatred, cling to your grudges!
We’d much rather find comfort in our own demise than lift another to a better life.
We’d much rather be Grinches this year!

But there’s one thing forgotten.
Even the Grinch came around!

He put down his grudges and spiteful nudges.
He took back the gifts he stole.
He brought back the tinsel and lights.
He too joined in that fantastic feast when he let his heart drop the baggage of regrets.

A grinch was the Grinch no more when he remembered what this season was really for.

America please remember too.
Please cease your strife.
Your bitter cries of injustice will not relieve the pain of those suffering.
Wrap up the wounds of your people.
Give to them the love of a missed parent and friend.
There is still time to save your spoiled children if you would only remember Christmas.

Stop trying to hide your reminders.
Remember that you should cease.
For this is when man should take time to remember to give.
To love.
And why he has life.

—The Faithbook

Copyright The Faithbook 2014


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