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motherAs a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.

—Psalm 103:10–14

Not many people like to talk about the dark side of abortion that’s not portrayed in all the pro-choice rallies or government mandates/laws/rulings.

No matter how a woman got to the place of abortion, it is a very dark place.

Often times, like this young woman’s story it is often the well meaning family/friends/partners that do the convincing that it’s the “right thing to do”. No one wants to talk about the painful aftermath both physically or psychologically.

Maybe because the pain is all too much to bear or they cannot, themselves, comprehend the truth of the matter.

Being a mother myself this testimony is very real and dear to me though I have not had an abortion myself, but a rather painful after which the doctors treated very much the same way.
A blob of cells, not a child.

I remember the questioning looks when they asked why I was there at the Hospital and upon recalling the previous event I was told, “Oh, you just lost tissue”.

There was no room for grief and none was given.

I was suppose to just be okay with it knowing my body had become a grave to a child no one was willing to call such.

I really do admire her bravery in sharing her story.

I can only imagine the pain or tears it might have took to write even though yes, God is healing her, and there is healing available for those who have gone through this.

And if you have God will provide for you to see that precious little one you lost one day.

If you have I encourage you also to please share your story of the the truth and reach out to those affected by the dark side of abortion.



I was 17 (practically 18) when my parents allowed my boyfriend to live with us.  We loved playing house and went to parties every weekend.  It was no surprise that we were having sex.  One crazy night I was drunk (as usual) but so drunk I blacked out.  The next day I didn’t remember a thing, but was sore all over my body.  I knew that I had sex.  There was marks all over my body.  I asked my boyfriend what happened.  He didn’t say much.  I stupidly knew he had sex with me while I was passed out but decided to stay with him.  I didn’t have sex with him since that night, although he continued to live with  me in my bedroom.

About two months later my mom caught me puking in the bathroom.  She screamed from outside the door, “You better not be pregnant, dammit!”  Looking back…

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