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Dear Christians, Please, Please I Beg You: Stop Apologizing for Your Faith

themattwalshblogheader_fixedBut everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.

—Matthew 10:33

Today’s post is the latest from fellow blogger Matt Walsh on Christians and the offended party’s need to have believers apologize for their faith as it infringes on their conscience. After all, no one likes to be wrong, right? 

If I could get every Christian in the country to read just one thing I’ve ever written, it would probably be this. I just want all Believers in this country stop being ashamed of their faith, and I especially want them to stop backing away from their faith when the peanut gallery has a hissy fit about it. Seriously, if you decide to read one of my rambles all the way to the end, make it this.

There’s a reason I’m bringing this up. A prominent athlete was the latest Christian to get beaten into submission because he spoke boldly about the Bible’s teachings on homosexuality. In the span of about 36 hours he went from highly respected to roundly despise, all because he revealed himself to be a Christian who actually believes all that stuff in his Holy Book. Imagine that. But then, when faced with the backlash, he apologized. It seems like they always apologize. The progressive hordes almost always get their apology if they stomp their feet loudly enough.

But this is just the most recent example. I’m using it to make a broader point. Overall, it seems we have four types of Christians in this culture: 1) Those who’ve effectively renounced their faith and adopted liberal positions on things like gay “marriage” and abortion, etc. 2) Those who hold to their faith but remain silent for fear of mockery and persecution. 3) Those who speak but then apologize for speaking. 4) Those who stand by their faith publicly and never, ever, ever apologize for it, no matter what happens.

Sadly, I feel like the Christians in category 4 are a small, minuscule, rapidly disappearing minority. But if the Christians in category 2 and 3 would join those in 4, we might just stand a chance. Please read this all the way to the end, and share if you think it warrants it:




3 comments on “Dear Christians, Please, Please I Beg You: Stop Apologizing for Your Faith

  1. shekinahngandu
    Feb 17, 2016

    Wow I love this so true Amen I can relate

    • The FaithBook
      Feb 17, 2016

      I think we all can. It’s so much easier not to face conflict or better yet pretend it doesn’t exist–or in many cases take back our beliefs so we don’t have to know there will be those who don’t agree or believe the same as ourselves. It is definitely a time for courageous Christians, not timid ones. And those of us guilty of being timid (myself included) to once again examine what we believe and really step into it in every aspect of life. It’s time to live what we believe without apology.

      • shekinahngandu
        Feb 17, 2016

        Amen!!!!! Thank you we Just have to rise up to the Occasion and be as Bold as we can!

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