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Here is a list of various organizations I have either been involved with or have interacted with due to the nature of my job as a graphic designer and a graduate of my Bible college. I hope you find these useful or in the very least, inspiring to do so much more for Christ.

Heartland Christian College

Prepare for life! Heartland Christian College is located in an intentional Christian community in rural northeast Missouri called Heartland where a small student body ensures a strong faculty/student ratio, enabling every student to receive personal attention both inside and outside the classroom. Students have the opportunity to apply concepts introduced in courses as they participate in the life of an active non-denominational church which is the center of this community. Along with coursework, students are encouraged to work part-time in one of the areas available within the Heartland community, thus growing in good work ethic and relational skills. HCC students are encouraged to grow into well-rounded individuals with a commitment to living with a biblical worldview as they grow closer to God.

Heartland Ministries

Transforming Hearts and Lives through the Power of Jesus Christ. Heartland is an intentional community in Northeast Missouri designed to help hurting people get a fresh start in life. We believe Jesus is the answer to every issue we face – including addiction, anger, broken homes, and financial crises. Men, women, and children who commit themselves to the process of restoration find help at Heartland through the power of God and the encouragement of people who have walked a similar path.

To visit Heartland or just to know more about this community you may also visit

Seeds of Hope

Plant Hope. Founded in 2006, Seeds of Hope works with local citizens and charities to provide modern day necessities to the impoverished communities in the Middle East. Our desire is to bring long-term change to families through education, economic development, cultural exchange, and humanitarian aid.

Pocket Testament League

“One of the world’s most effective evangelism ministries.” Founded in 1893, The Pocket Testament League has motivated Christians to read, carry and share the Word of God. Started as the vision of a teenage girl named Helen Cadbury, The Pocket Testament League provides resources to help believers develop a lifestyle of biblical discipline and personal evangelism. The ministry also encourages people to support others who are sharing their faith, through a unique sponsorship program in which sponsors actually receive feedback from those they sponsor showing how lives are being changed. The ministry is designed to equip Christians who are serious about sharing their faith with others and offers daily devotions sent via email, memberships, a community of fellow League members,  prayer and devotional books as well as updates from the ministry’s work. To date, The Pocket Testament League has share more than 110 million Gospels.

Here is a list of various organizations I have either been involved with or have interacted with due to the nature of my job as a graphic designer and a graduate of my Bible college. I hope you find these useful or in the very least, inspiring to do so much more for Christ.

Breaking the Spiral of Silence

The Spiral of Silence is defined as “a social phenomenon where, out of a desire to avoid reprisal or rejection, people go along with what they think is the popular opinion—even if they object to that opinion personally. Instead of Voicing their objections, they remain silent“. Breaking the Spiral of Silence is a website devoted to just that: breaking the silence in the midst of a “culture in crisis”.  Their goal? To encourage the common majority to speak out on the fundamental issues (life, liberty, marriage and family) we see forced on us by culture, and other outside sources like the select, powerful few.

Online for Life

Online for Life, an Texas-based organization, rescues babies and families from abortion by connecting abortion-minded women and men to local, life-affirming centers using compassion and technology. The at-risk family receives grace, factual information, and an ultrasound. Their Mission: To save unborn babies from abortion by connecting women and men in crisis pregnancy situations with compassionate, loving, truthful, local help. Online for Life is saving babies from abortion – one family at a time. Though the pro-life movement is active in various government and judicial arenas, OFL focuses on each family, each mom, each dad in communities across America and seeks to help provide a continuum of care where appropriate. To learn more about Online for Life, please visit their site at or like their page on Facebook.

Abortion Memorial

Abortion Memorial is a safe place for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members to remember children who were lost to abortion. You can also share your own story, thoughts, and prayers in words, pictures, or video. Abortion Memorial is a place to honor children lost in the womb, and provides a place for healing and encouragement. To add a memorial for an aborted child, start here, or contact them here.

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