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Hi there and welcome to The Faithbook — a place of writing and reflection of what God has done in my life and those around me. Among these you’ll find short stories and other things that have meaning to me and need to be shared with people like you. I hope these touch your life as much as they have touched mine.

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How Has God Changed You?

You may have noticed a new category for “Testimonies“. I’m inviting you, as readers and fellow bloggers, to submit your testimony of what God has done in your life and how He has/is using you now. Don’t understand what a testimony is? A testimony is a Christian’s story of life change from before they came to know Jesus as their Savior and how He has impacted their life since. You can find several examples in the “Testimonies” category in the menus to the right hand side of this page.

If you would like to learn more or submit your own testimony, please email for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

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You can also find The Faithbook now on Facebook here! I started the page a while back, and just like the blog here, you’ll see stories that matter to me in accordance to my faith as a Christian. Get blog updates, spiritual encouragement, and more too. And as always feel free to join in on the conversation. 

 Looking for something a little different? Try visiting The Faithbook’s sister site: The Artist From Dark to Light. It’s a slower going story blog about an artist’s struggle to regain her devastated life from the darkness of her past. Will she chose revenge or the help from a stranger’s hand? Keep reading to find out!

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And as always, stay tuned for more!

Thank You and God Bless.



28 comments on “Welcome!

  1. Naphtali
    Mar 09, 2012

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award of blogging! Please click the link to receive your award and pass it on….a few fun requirements are added to this award so enjoy!

    • The FaithBook
      Mar 12, 2012

      Thank you!

      • ibrahimxcall
        May 23, 2015

        I really liked Nucleare. I just noticed that there’s too much white space above if you have many social buttons (since they wrap in new lines and the search button on another) and there’s a sizable gap between the header image and the first post. The full screen search screen in a bit overwhelming in my opinion and tables I think would’ve been better if the border wasn’t shown by default. Nevertheless, this is the first recent theme that I’m actually considering to switch to. I hope to see more themes similar to this! Good job! 🙂

  2. Naphtali
    Mar 23, 2012

    I was tagged and now I am tagging you! Please check out the link below:

  3. click
    Jun 07, 2012

    Hello, I just hopped over to your web-site using StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would usually read, but I enjoyed your views none the less. Thank you for making some thing well worth reading.

    • The FaithBook
      Jun 07, 2012

      Thank you so much! It’s been great maintaining The Faithbook for readers of all kinds, both occasional readers and followers. That’s what make everything so worth it. I look forward to writing more and hope you’ll come back to keep reading.

  4. cellabella1974
    May 21, 2014

    I like your blog!!!

  5. Your style is really unique in comparison to other folks I have read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this web site.

  6. Sarah
    Jan 29, 2018

    I’m astounded by your faith! And the post was definitely something out of this world, too!

    I recently started blogging and I’d love it if you could visit my posts and leave some feedback!

    • The FaithBook
      Jan 29, 2018

      Definitely! we should all encourage each other to push forward in faith and keep serving God in whatever manner He has designed for us.

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        I am going through a very rough patch now, have you ever heard of Chronic Lyme Disease? I’m fighting this battle for years and it’s hard…
        I’d love it if you’d follow. You have such a faith in God that awes me and I’d love to have you atound

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        Yes, I have Sarah. I have a friend who has struggled with it, from late adulthood, though it can impact any age and cause extreme pain & illness. I can see it has been a struggle for you–and painful in more ways than one. I would gladly pray for your situation and encourage you to keep writing about your journey. God can use our pain to help another or wake us to the reality that we do not suffer alone. It’s something I’ve struggled with most in recent years. I decided to start the Faithbook as a way to share my writings / thoughts (or those of others) that helped me to get through things. (Faith doesn’t grow if there are trying times to push against you.) But we all need a reminder that God is more for us, no matter what our circumstance or problems, than how harsh those things may feel coming against us. Even the apostle Paul was reminded by God, “My grace is sufficient for you,” when he wrote about the “thorn in his side” he had asked God to remove from him on several occasions. Pain and sickness are hard, and things that can easily trap us into doubt or make us think twice about what we are really getting into by believing in a Savior, or just what He could really do for us. But He is there, and if you let Him he can use everything you’ve gone through and currently going through to help you and someelse going through the very same thing.

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        Thank you so much for your kind words.
        I had to wipe away a tear or two now…
        I’m just wondering if you know what type of Lyme your friend had. There are so many co infections…
        Can you guess my age?

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        She has always just referred to hers a Lyme Disease in the general term, though some of her symptoms are similar to people with the Chronic form that doesn’t seem to go away. A simple cold for one person could take her down easily or make healing from slight allergies more severe than just taking a Benadryl or staying away from the allergen. She usually wears a dust mask during cold and flu season for her own health & safety and a job change as well to maintain her health.
        I’m sorry if I made you cry, but hopefully it’s more from relief to hear that something good could come of such a difficult thing. Though those might be words that are also hard to believe. They have been for me many times—especially in the midst of the struggle. If I had to guess your age I would say you sound fairly young or maybe around my age 20-30s though your writing is very mature and well done as someone who has seen much more than me. I could be wrong though 😀

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        Thank you, yes you are right my tears are ones of relief, seeing that ppl care and still trust in the Almighty although they have gone through so much…
        I have recently had a cold, and while most ppl would get over it fairly quickly, I was in bed for a few days!
        I still have that cold and I’m weak and can’t do much around the house…
        Does your friend have a blog?

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        I can only imagine how terrible it must be to get sick like that. I was on bed rest once in the hospital and started crying on day 2 or 3 from the lack of being able to do anything. It’s no fun being ill that bad and not being able to do much—let alone much about the illness plaguing you. But don’t let it bog you down. There’s still much God can do for and through you even when you’re down with a cold or complications from your illness.
        She doesn’t at the moment though I would love to see her start one. I would definitely have you follow her if she did—she has a great story to tell as do you.

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        Thank you again!
        The problem is that i keep my disease from friends and family…
        it’s absurd to sometimes watch ppl talk behind my back and hear them say: “wow she’s got such a perfect life…”
        I may sound crazy but I wanna keep that “perfect” image. I want to be “normal” and I don’t want any pitiful glances, if you know what I mean…
        Thank you for following!
        And why don’t you encourage your friend to go for it? There’s so much she can get from over here!
        Is she still really sick, I hope she’s improving cuz I need to hang on on some sort of Hope strings

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        We all like to try to keep that perfect ‘facebook worthy’ image like our profile pictures can totally mislead us to believe—which is the very lie I bought into myself. But God says His will for us is made perfect in our weakness, so it’s okay to say when you’re not doing well. I don’t like to worry people about how well or not well I’m doing either, but its more helpful if we reveal those things and leaves room for God to work or even provide for what we need in those times. It takes us being willing to swallow our pride something though even if we don’t realize it.

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        You are so correct.
        My close friends (that I do share it with) say that I am ridiculous for trying to pretend cuz it totally wears me out. I know it, yet my pride and that inner thing inside me that wants To be “normal” will never agree to share..
        That’s why this place is perfect for me. No one knows me, and I can still get support and strength!

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        It’s true and you’re friends are right too. It’s kind of silly for us to want to hide behind what we think is ‘normal’ but there really is no such thing unless you’re talking about Christ. He was and is the only standard for what normal should be. With so many differences in culture and appearance though, not being ‘normal’ can be a really good thing. Life would be boring if we were al the same with all the same issues/skills/talents. Thank goodness for a God who could create so much variety and inspire us to do the same. 🙂 I will agree with you that is it much easier to share your story with an audience who may not have dealt with everything you have or know every tiny detail about your past for fear of them making a terrible judgement against us. It’s a good way to share without the bias that can easily make us over look the important part of the message/story. But don’t get too comfortable. God likes to give us challenges that draw us out of these ‘boxes’ or draw us to do something we wouldn’t have otherwise done without Him pushing us to. Its a good opportunity to grow.

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        Exactly! Good points !
        Have you started reading my story? I wonder what you have to say about them

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        I have! And I really like your writing style. It’s more like reading a book or journal than just an article about dealing with CLD. I’m sure you’ll catch plenty of readers. I’d like to see how you came to faith through all of this 🙂

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        You wouldn’t quite believe me if I told you I’m in my teens, would you?!
        Some ppl are shell shocked when they hear, I know. That’s a problem lots of Ike’s cuz my peers aren’t at my maturity level and I can’t really find common ground with them.
        I am a wonderful actress though, so that definitely helps;)

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        Its incredibly awesome to know you’re a teen, but don’t be discouraged because others your age don’t think on your same level. You’re where you are for a reason, and undoubtedly in part due to your struggles, but do let it be an encouragement to keep going like Paul’s student Timothy who at a very young age was preaching and teaching the word of God and setting an example for those his age and younger as well as those much older.

      • Sarah
        Jan 29, 2018

        Your kind words make me feel very good… and yes, my mom always says that she sometimes feels like she’s talking to someone her own age. The funny thing is? My grandma says the same thing!
        So, like, which age group am I?
        I guess pain has taught me more than I think…

      • The FaithBook
        Jan 29, 2018

        It definitely can and bring much maturity with it!

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